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Kozue Fujita (藤田こずえ/Age 21)

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Kozue Fujita (藤田こずえ/Age 21) Profile:

Born: May 19, 2001
Measurements: B85 / W60 / H87
Cup Size: C Cup
AV Activity: March 2021
Sign: Taurus
Blood Type: A
Height: 153cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Kozue Fujita (藤田こずえ/Age 21)

Kozue Fujita Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
OFJE-361Total 42 Performers! 100 Cumshots In Wild Cowgirl Riding! 120% Looks, Style, And Sexiness With S-Class Actresses Fucking Hard And Looking Hot As They Ride Those Cocks. 8 hours.05/09/2022
ADN-397Today, Like Every Day, Unknown To Most People, An Office Lady Is Being Used Like Sexual Toys By Her Rough Sex-Loving Boss. Kozue Fujita05/02/2022
ADN-386We'll Introduce You To Apartments That Cum With Conditions A College Girl Who Fell Into The Trap Kozue Fujita04/04/2022
RBK-039新奴●捜査官9 マニアの標的02/28/2022
OFJE-345New Year's Best of the Best Fukubukuro 2022: 150 New Year's All Sex with 35 S1 Actresses01/10/2022
OFJE-34329 Performers Total! 16 Whole Hours Long! Compilation With 169 Sections! Extravagant 4-disc Edition! No.1 AV Production Company Puts Together Their Top Selling 100 Titles Of This Year! Deluxe 2021 S1 Actresses All Star Best.12/27/2021
SSIS-236Tricked By Sexy Costume Non-Nude Erotica And Gang-Fucked By Stuff Non-nude Erotica Wearing Only Cum Youthful Model Kozue Kujita11/08/2021
SSIS-207Furious Follow-Up Piston-Pumping Strokes Until Her P*ssy Goes Insane! Sex With You, Fueled By Aphrodisiacs, To Pissing, Squirting, Dribbling Glory Kozue Fujita10/11/2021
SSIS-176Shared Room NTR A Horny Boss And His New Employee Are Engaged In Adultery Sex From Morning Until Night During A Business Trip Kozue Fujita09/13/2021
SSIS-112Gorgeous Teen In Uniform Loves 4 Older Guys - Three Immoral Fucks And Passionate Blowjobs Kozue Fujita07/01/2021
SSIS-085201 Furious Orgasms! 6320 Spasms! 4700cc Of Orgasmic Squirts! A Phenomenally Premature Ejaculating Body Eros Company Awakenings Her First Massive Spasm & Flood Of Cum Special Kozue Fujita06/03/2021
SSIS-060Mixed Body Fluids, Hot And Steamy Sex Complete Unedited Special Kozue Fujita04/30/2021
SSIS-035An Extraordinarily Super Erotic 19-Year-Old A Non-Nude Erotica Idol Kozue Fujita Hear Her Scream! See Her Shed Tears Of Ecstasy! Watch Her Cum! Enjoy Her Super Orgasms! A 3-Fuck First Experiences Special04/01/2021
SSIS-012Fresh Face - No.1 STYLE - Kozue Fujita - Porno Debut03/05/2021
SIVR-145[VR] Kozue Fujita For A Complete Monopoly! Popular AV Performer Shows Both Her Everyday Face And Blissful Face Just For Me. Immersive Passionate Close Sex With Sexy Roomate VR. Kozue Fujitan/a
SSIS-140[Unusual Climax] Maximum Erotic Awakening! Non-top Fucking With Kozua Fujita Until She Is Satisfied!n/a
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