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Ruri Saijo (西條るり/Age 32)

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Ruri Saijo (西條るり/Age 32) Profile:

Born: February 28, 1990
Measurements: B111 / W57 / H85
Cup Size: M Cup
AV Activity: August 2010
Sign: Pisces
Blood Type: O
Height: 155cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Ruri Saijo (西條るり/Age 32)

Ruri Saijo Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
MTALL-012The Re-debut Of Legendary Huge M-cup Tits: 111cm Ruri Saijo Limited, One-time Revival02/22/2022
MBYD-353"I Told You I've Already Cum!" These Horny Married Woman Babes Are Getting Energetically Piston-Pumped By Excessively Horny Younger Men And Descending Into Orgasmic Pleasure, Over And Over Again Best Hits Collection02/14/2022
RBB-227Colossal Tits That Look 2.5 Times Bigger! Big Tits Babes Who Push Their Chests Out When Fucked Missionary Style Our Best Ever02/07/2022
JFB-279Back From The Grave!! Best 111cm Colossal Tits M-cup Body! Ruri Saijo 8 Hours BEST09/20/2021
BTH-0001男を上からロックして言いなりチ●ポをがっつり●す跨がり痴女のマウントFUCK 片岡まきな (DOD)09/17/2021
COM-0002スタイルのいいお姉さんがエロいボディを駆使してボクのチ●ポ弄びながらイカせてくれましたぁ!! 吉澤友貴 (DOD)09/17/2021
BDSR-452This Girl With Short Hair Is The Surest And Strongest Guarantee That You'll Get Your Nookie On! Marshmallow-Soft Big Tits / Beautiful Tits Like A Model / A Perky And Tight Ass, Etc. ... Next Level Divine Sex With A Super Class Girl! 24 Girls06/25/2021
CJOB-085"I'll Use Something That Feels Better Than A Pussy" Nympho Handjobs Over 100 Cum Shots BEST04/16/2021
PPBD-209I-Cups And Up - Huge Tits Only! These Enormous Boobs Will Titty Fuck You Until You Don't Have One Drop Of Cum Left - 45 Girls, 90-Nipple BEST Collection04/13/2021
CADV-798Crystal Films 35th Anniversary - Wife Collection - 100 Girls, 8-Hour Timeless Collector's Edition01/06/2021
JFB-218Squeezing A Guy While Looking Down Dirty Talk Titty Fuck Massage Parlor 10 Hours Best06/10/2020
JFB-215This Horny Slut Will Tempt You With Dirty Talk And Pull Out Teasing 16-HOUR BEST HITS COLLECTION - Filthy Women Who Enjoy Teasing Me To Death II -05/08/2020
COM-027Generous Slut Took Care of My Boner After I Saw Her Colossal Tits and Dripping Wet Pussy! Ruri Saijo04/21/2020
BTH-019The Maso Pride Of An Arrogant Celebrity Who Blossoms With Insane Pleasure At An Aphrodisiac Massage Parlor Ruri Saijo03/05/2020
PPBD-178100 Shots Of That Peak Moment Of Joy Before Cumming During A Titty Fuck "Cum All Over My Tits" Tight Squeeze Ejaculation Special vol. 202/14/2020
CJOB-055Her Handjob Technique Is So Amazing, It Will Turn Men Into Premature Ejaculators!! 65 Cum Shots From Unstoppable Handjob Ejaculations!12/18/2019
BDSR-404How Much Can I Get Paid...?11/22/2019
BDSR-406A Cowgirl Master 3 She's Wiggling And Jiggling Her Huge Tits! Housewives Who Get Horny And Mount Cocks 40 Ladies 4 Hours Best Hits Collection11/22/2019
MKCK-243All Girls J-Cup And Above! Super Megaton Class Monster Tits - 29 Girls All Best Quality10/05/2019
JFB-184A Collector's Edition!! She'll Only Have Eyes For You At The Dirty Talk Creampie Baths Best Hits Collection 16 Hours09/07/2019
KIBD-245Sweaty, Furious Fucking Sex With A Tanned Gal In The Heat Of Summer 8-Hour Special!08/15/2019
PPBD-159The Extremely Pleasurable Titty Fuck Rush Just Before Ejaculation. 100 Shots. Cum Between Their Tits Special05/15/2019
MIZD-135It Looks Lame But It's Addictive! Lots Of Anal Licking. Carefully Selected BEST. 4 Hours04/26/2019
WSP-161Colossal Tits In One Fell Swoop04/18/2019
HZGB-014It's Getting Cold So I Wanna Hold My Busty Wife! Her Beautiful, Big Tits Bounce Up And Down As We Have Sex12/12/2018
MIZD-112Serious Sucking! Full On Swallowing! Throat-Clogging Blowjob Action So Intense It'll Make You Back The Fuck Up 4 Hours10/26/2018
MCSR-318Adulterous Creampie Trip With A Married Woman. Ultimate Colossal Tits Special, 4 Hours, 16 Women10/12/2018
HZGB-012A Housewife Who Likes To Get Banged By Other Men's Cocks Special Edition Collection09/27/2018
NBES-002Please Listen To My Cuckold Tale Of Woe Greatest Hits Collection 8 Hours06/29/2018
HZGB-009Let's Enjoy The Throat Of A Married Woman Drooling, Slobbering Blowjob Fun 5 Hours05/24/2018
RVG-066"My Dick Is In Her Raw!" She Was Giving Me An Oily Pussy Grind But When My Cock Was Rubbing Up Against Her Pussy It Just Slipped Right In! This Service Didn't Allow Real Fucking But This Horny Delivery Health Call Girl Ended Up Letting Me Have A Raw Creampie Greatest Hits Collection vol. 205/15/2018
GIRO-98The Spandexer Vs The Green Devil Ruri Saijo09/30/2017
HZGD-036I Met A Married Woman Not Wearing A Bra When I Took Out The Trash In The Morning - Ruri Saijo02/23/2017
JUFD-685A Glamorous Cum Swallowing Slut Who Will Suck You Down To Your Very Last Drop Ruri Saijo12/31/2016
PPBD-133Daily Sex With Colossal Tits Girls 31 Girls, A Month's Worth vol. 210/21/2016
PPBD-129It Feels So Good We Ejaculate Like Rocket Blasts Cumming by Titty Fucking08/13/2016
KIBD-215Kira Kira BEST Collection: Choice Girls With Beautiful Big Tits - 48-Gal Line Up Of Wild Animal Fucks - 8-Hour BEST!08/13/2016
MIZD-018If You Restrain Me And Do Things Like That, I'm Going To Cum06/29/2016
PPBD-125Girls With Big Tits Who Lose Themselves In Furious Ass Shaking Cowgirl Sex 8 Hour BEST Of Collection06/17/2016
CJOB-010All Works, Every Scene From One Whole Year - 269 In All - Slut Heaven Revolution 2015 - 61 Titles, 8 Hours04/22/2016
PPBD-121Non Stop Tit Jiggling Blowjob Pleasure Only Possible With Big Tits 8 Hour BEST04/15/2016
MIBD-998Slender Bodies And Big Tits - 31 Girls For Fresh Sex Every Day Of The Month - BEST Collection03/25/2016
CJOB-008All Day All Night This Slut Is Cumming For Us! Piston Pounding To The Verge Of Ecstasy03/18/2016
MIRD-157Perfect Bodies, Massive Dream Orgy SPECIAL: Shiori Kamisaki Aimi Yoshikawa Ruri Saijo Honoka Orihara01/29/2016
PPBD-113Ruri Saijo Her Best Eight Hours12/11/2015
ACE-034NEO SHAKE BODY Ver.1 Ruri Saijo12/06/2015
AVOP-101I ENERGY 15th Year Commemorative Edition Big Tits Unit / 100 Consecutive Creampies / Big Time Orgies08/31/2015
AVOP-121Guy Who Cums The Hardest In The World Fucks Kaho Kasumi Ruri Saijo Asahi Mizuno08/31/2015
NGOD-001Listen To My Cuckold Tale - My Wife Fucked An Ex-Con Mechanic Ruri Saijo 07/31/2015
RBB-003A Sexy, Shy Interview Just Before Doing Porn - Her Nervous First Sex 16 Hours05/15/2015
RCT-720Fakecestuous Life In a Cramped, Sweaty Apartment With Stepmom and Her Stepsisters, Who Have Huge Tits 2 - Ruri Saijo , Riko Honda , Hibiki Hoshino04/08/2015
TYOD-255Naughty Female Teacher: Busty Female Teacher Got Weak Against Middle-Aged SEX Techniques Ruri Saijo02/14/2015
AVOP-00810000% Pure All-Natural Prestige Juice06/30/2014
NITR-056Magic Boys' Busty Wife Hunt 2 Ruri Saijo04/07/2014
UD-619RThe Real Sex Rec. Big Tits F/F/I/L/M Cup04/02/2014
VEC-094Filthy Wife's Train A*****t Starring Ruri Saijo02/08/2014
MIAD-660Wild Pincer Attack 4 Ruri Saijo Miho Ichiki01/08/2014
ONSD-7638 Hours of Sexy Girls with Big Tits Getting Pumped Hard (High Resolution)12/11/2013
MKCK-0828 Hours of Perfectly Swerved Beauties with Big Tits12/07/2013
MIAD-651Desperate Cumming T*****e & R**e - Strong, Aloof Female Soldier - Ruri Saijo 11/27/2013
JUX-200Widow Wants To Get P****hed... Ruri Saijo11/21/2013
MKCK-080Huge Tits Only 100cm And More SEX11/09/2013
TYOD-205Orgasmic Overload Ruri Saijo10/12/2013
EBOD-312E-BODY x kira kira x kawaii* x Madonna x ATTACKERS 5 Studio Collaboration - Film #1! Secret Hot Springs "Horny Springs" Hot Super Bodies' Investigator!10/09/2013
ONSD-744Ultimate Boob Angles - 100 Pairs In a Row10/04/2013
JUFD-310Miss Ruri, Teacher with Colossal Tits: Outrageous Extracurricular Lesson ( Ruri Saijo )09/27/2013
ATOM-150Bus of Bondage Ruri Saijo09/21/2013
ONSD-713All 73 Scenes with S1 Super Hottie Ruri Saijo (12 Hours)06/05/2013
PPPD-228The Busty Married Woman Next Door Gives in to Her Forbidden Desires ( Ruri Saijo )03/13/2013
MIRD-119Only I-Cup or Bigger Allowed! Huge Tits Harem Special02/06/2013
MDYD-743A Pet Female Teacher With Big Tits Just For Me Sacrificial Female Teacher Training Edition Ruri Saijo01/10/2013
ONSD-634Ruri Saijo S1 8-Hour Special 208/11/2012
SOE-756Colossal Tits Extreme Orgasm Fucking - 3-Hour Special ( Ruri Saijo )04/12/2012
ONSD-597Secret Woman Investigators Complete Edition Kokomi Sakura Ruri Saijo Anri Okita04/04/2012
SOE-738Colossal Tits Ruri Saijo Fucking Outdoors And Exposing All03/15/2012
SOE-689Young Guy's First Colossal Tits Titty Fuck Ruri Saijo12/10/2011
SOE-681Secret Woman Investigators - Special Edition - Undercover Mission Kokomi Sakura Ruri Saijo Anri Okita11/30/2011
SOE-668Hot and Sweaty Sex Ruri Saijo11/02/2011
SOE-646Mixed Body Fluids, Deep Sex Special Edition Large Colossal Tits Orgies - Police Investigators Fucking The Night Before a Mission -08/31/2011
SOE-633Crazed Cowgirl Position Ruri Saijo07/30/2011
SOE-619Colossal Titties Instructor Ruri Saijo06/30/2011
SOE-559I Don't Know What To Do Because My Teacher's M Cup Boobs Are Distracting Me Ruri Saijo03/03/2011
SOE-543Titty Fuck Squeezed Between Colossal M-Cup Tits Ruri Saijo 02/03/2011
SOE-527Orgasm Mad Ruri Saijo12/29/2010
SOE-496M-Cup Tits Want to be Spoiled 3 Hour Special Ruri Saijo 11/04/2010
SOE-478M-Cup Total coverage hot kisses lead to sex - Ruri Saijo10/06/2010
SOE-462New Face NO.1 STYLE - Mcup 111 cm Ruri Saijo09/06/2010
MMND-055[But I Don't Want To Do AV] Rui Saijo06/30/2010
HZGB-004Super Selections! 10,000 Fans Have Selected The Most Popular And Erotic 10 Married Woman Babes!!n/a
HZGB-00331 People have Daily Sex! Extreme Housewives Creampied with Cum for Five Hoursn/a
XRW-344Titty Fuck Freaks Go As Low As They Can Go With 17 Titty Slammed Cum Shots!!n/a
HZGB-001Married Woman Flower Garden Theater A 1 Year Anniversary Special Collectors Editionn/a
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