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Yuri Nikaido (二階堂ゆり/Age 35)

Also known as: 一之瀬ゆかり, 並木千里, 二階堂ユリ, 佐々木光, 西原千里

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Yuri Nikaido (二階堂ゆり/Age 35) Profile:

Born: December 25, 1988
Measurements: B97 / W68 / H93
Cup Size: H Cup
AV Activity: May 2016
Sign: Capricorn
Blood Type: O
Height: 171cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Yuri Nikaido (二階堂ゆり/Age 35)

Yuri Nikaido Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
JDL-080デジタルモザイク4部作 母子交尾10/03/2022
LZBS-082Women Who Became Hooked On Lesbian Lust After Being Locked In An Inescapable Room And Compelled To Cum All Day Super Select 5-Hour Best Hits Collection04/25/2022
VVVD-196Best Of Hottie Bondage Heaven 16 Movies 4 Hours09/06/2021
VVVD-189Pressed Against A Black Guy's Shocking Huge Thing!!! 9 People 8 Hours BEST05/27/2021
DOKS-541Super Sensitive Nipples! Women Whose Nipples Are More Of A Sexual Turn On Than Their Pussies! Best Collection 15 Women 5 Hours03/31/2021
VVVD-184Best Hit Lesbians: Godly COLLECTION, Approx. 8 Hours, 2-disc Set02/26/2021
EIH-058My Wife's Big Tits Are Too Noticeable! I'm Afraid Someone Will Try To Fuck Her...8 Hours02/19/2021
DMOW-215Dirty Talk Teacher And Male Subs - Complete BEST Collection 5 Hours Ichika Kamihata Asahi Mizuno Yuri Nikaido01/31/2021
NSPS-964Lusty Wives Crave Other Men's Bulges01/23/2021
DMOW-214A Dream-Cum-True Situation At School With Your Favorite Classmate And Your Alluring Female Teacher Who Is Hitting You With Dirty Talk, Just The Way You Like It! The Dirty Talk Academy 5-Hour Best Hits Collection11/30/2020
JFB-241Revived White Soft Skin, G-cup, Yuri Nikaido 12 Hours BEST11/12/2020
KMVR-971[VR] The Ultimate Luxurious And Gorgeous Dream! Contains 4 Uncut Popular Titles Godlike Technique Memorial Best 282 Minutes08/25/2020
MCST-001Super Sweaty Hot Spring Sex! This Wife With The Perfect Body Is In The Bath Having Deep And Rich, Hard And Tight Orgasmic Sex! 4 Hours 10 Ladies08/21/2020
VSED-141This Mother-In-Law And Her Son-In-Law Went On A Couple's Hot Spring Trip Together, And Started Twisting Their Tongues Together And Holding Each Other Tight Only A Parent And Son-In-Law Could Have Deep And Rich Sex Like This 12 Consecutive Cum Shots 8 Hours 2-Disc Set 507/24/2020
NKD-258Complete Masochist Nasty Breaking In07/24/2020
BDSR-419A Mogul With Big Money - Married Women Edition06/26/2020
NSPS-906Forbidden Fuck In The Futon Secret Space For Forbidden Male And Female Sneaky Fucking06/11/2020
HBAD-543Carnal Desires Too Strong To Hold Back: Mature Married Women's Wet Pussies06/10/2020
XRW-87820 Nasty Hotties Giving The Best Sloppy Blowjobs And Handjobs05/28/2020
MCSR-387Older Woman Teaching About Creampies BEST 4 Hours: 12 Sweet Step-Mothers04/24/2020
JFB-213Sweaty Colossal Tittied Housemaids 12 Hour BEST - Her Sensual Body Is On Full Display Through Her Clothes, And Stirs Uncontrollable Feelings Of Lust In The Men At The House Where She Works -04/24/2020
JFB-207An Anal-Twitching Dripping Wet Big-Ass Fuck Together With Orgasmic Ecstasy 12-HOUR BEST HITS COLLECTION03/07/2020
NSSTH-038Married Woman Yuri: Seduced By Her Husband's Subordinate - Yuri Nikaido02/29/2020
JFB-205My Female Teacher's Pussy Is Aching For Me To Creampie Her, And She Knows How To Get Me Hard - 16 Hours Best Collection02/28/2020
JFB-203A Deep And Rich Blowjob Salon, Filled With Sticky And Slimy Drool 16 Hours Best Hits Collection02/07/2020
HODV-21443Girls With Big Chubby Asses! - Their Godly Asses Are So Big, They're Indecent01/09/2020
VOSM-022[VR] Love, Desire, And Lust, Wrapped Up In Gentle Kindness VR Best HIts Collection01/03/2020
MCSR-371With My Stepmom; Me, My Stepmom, And Slutty Bath Therapy. Forbidden Hot Spring Trip With Stepson. Close Up Dirty Fucking. 12 Women 4 Hours12/27/2019
MCSR-369Big Tits Wife Taken 11 Women 4 Hours12/27/2019
VVVD-175S&M Creampie Bang Highlights 8 Hours 2 Disc Set12/21/2019
BDSR-405I Ordered A Delivery Health Call Girl And She Turned Out To Be A Former Co-Worker My Heart Leaped With Joy At This Greatest Of Divine Luck Situations 12 Ladies 4 Hours Best Hits Collection11/22/2019
TPVR-122[VR] Theatrical High Definition Yuri Nikaido An Alluring And Horny Fucked Wife Is Luring You To Forbidden Temptation Infidelity Creampie Home Visit Sex "You've Got The Same B***d Type As My Husband, So Even If I Have A Baby, He'll Never Figure It Out... So Go Ahead And Cum Inside Me, I Have A Pregnancy Fetish!"11/14/2019
MCSR-358"Shall We Get In Together?" Make Out Loving!10/25/2019
AVSA-104Amazing Blowjobs That Take A Rock Hard Cock Right To The Base And Deep Into Her Throat09/21/2019
MIVRS-0002(VR) MILU VR MIX BEST Col 209/10/2019
VVVD-171Complete Collection Of The BEST Titles Of The Second Half Of 2018 - 12 Titles, 8 Hours, 2 Discs!08/30/2019
VNDS-3319Creampie Apartment 208/19/2019
SVS-066Immoral Play. The Confessions Of Perverted Women. 10 Women, 4 Hours07/07/2019
GHKO-091American Comic Heroine GO! GO! Power Woman Yuri Nikaido07/03/2019
MCSR-346How Many Wive's Pussies Can I Fill With My Cum? A Lust-Filled Journey 4 Hours06/30/2019
WSP-169A Busty Married Woman Confesses To A Younger Man Who Is Obviously A Virgin "I Like Innocent Guys" And Gets His Hopes Up. She Uses Her Mature Pheromones To Seduce Him Then Licks And Eats His Virgin Dick06/20/2019
NASH-075[Red-Faced] Brothers And Sons-In-Law Return Home While They're Masturbating! The Extremely Embarrassing Experiences Of Mothers And Sisters-In-Law!?05/30/2019
TAMA-021夫に云えない裏切りの午後 童貞オタクの甥っ子に寝取られた妻…二階堂ゆり05/28/2019
VVVD-168V2018 First Half All Title Highlights All 10 Intense Works 8 Hour 2 Disc Set!05/24/2019
WSP-166Masochist Tit Cuckold05/23/2019
NSPS-801Wives Waiting To Be Fucked Love Being Forced. Highlights05/11/2019
HAVD-983~ Hot Smothering Kisses ~ Love Juices Intermingled With Hot Steamy Kisses By Dr. TORIHAMA05/08/2019
SERO-381[Special Value] Yuri Is A Beautiful Mature Woman, And She's Getting Her Beautiful Ass Assaulted In A Follow-Up Piston Pounding Cock Attack! After Getting Her Pussy Pounded Deep, She Gave Him A Blowjob, And Then Let Him Fuck Her Again, And After Cumming Again, He Followed It Up With Even More Piston Pounding Action! And That Was Followed Up With More Cowgirl Sex On The Sofa. The Fucking Didn't Stop Even From Behind, And She Kept On Cumming And Cumming. After Cumming Like Crazy From Behind, They Both Came Together And Then Another 2 Joined The Action And Bukkake Splattered Her Beautiful Ass With Their Semen.04/11/2019
GHKO-057The Story Of The Downfall Of A Female Executive Yuri Nikaido03/31/2019
XRW-657Working Married Ladies Are Sexually Frustrated And Want To Fuck! Dirty, Adulterous Working Wives. 4 Hours03/21/2019
XRW-652Throat Fucking Masterpiece! Deep Throat Esophagus Fornication 20 Women 4 Hours03/21/2019
TD018SERO-385[Special Price] The Masturbation And Intense Blowjobs Of Yuri, A Busty Married Woman With G-Cup Tits. She Masturbates Using The Shower Head In The Bathroom. After She Orgasms From Having Her G-Cup Tits And Pussy Fondled, A Rock Hard Dick Appears! She Drools As She Sucks And Deep Throats. She SK**lfully Gives Handjobs And Blowjobs... Yuri Nikaido03/21/2019
UD-849Masseurs Have Their Way With Married Women As They Fondle Them From Top To Bottom Behind The Curtain!! They Keep Their Voices Low, Breathe Heavily As They Orgasm Over And Over Again, Shaking Their Hot, Slick Bodies!! It's Been So Long Since They Got A Creampie, The Cum Of A Stranger Tantalizes Their Pussies And Their Slutty Nature Is Awakened!!02/28/2019
SERO-385[Special Price] Porno Featuring The G-Cup Girl, Yuri Nikaido At An Affordable Price! Cowgirl Sex With Yuri In Tights That Expose Her Tits And Pussy. Deep Penetration Makes Her Orgasm Right Away. She Climaxes Repeatedly. Repeated Orgasms While Being Fucked Doggy-Style. After Orgasming From Spooning And Missionary Sex, She Finally Gets A Creampie!02/01/2019
NKK-020Nakajima Kogyo 2018 Second Half Collection The Best Hits01/26/2019
MIZD-121No Fadeouts! No Choppy Footage! Masterful Compilation Of This Year's Best Creampies At MOODYZ01/11/2019
YPAA-022A Dirty-Mouthed Cuckolded Wife A Big Cock Blowjob Cuckold Fuck01/09/2019
MCSR-325At A Hot Springs Inn, While Her Husband Slept Beside Her, She Was Given An Amazing Orgasmic Oil Massage This Big Tits Wife Could Not Scream With Pleasure, And Had To Withstand The Orgasmic Ecstasy Of Creampie Cuckold Sex! 0312/14/2018
UMSO-224A Tall Girl With An Alluring And Beautiful Body!! Creampie Fucking12/13/2018
DDK-146スケベなカラダの女を拘束して偏執的にじっくり責め上げるAV 二階堂ゆり11/26/2018
NASS-947We Can't Go Back Now. I Committed A Sin With My Horny Mother...11/22/2018
SPRD-1085I'm Giving My Wife's Body Over To My Boss... Yuri Nikaido11/21/2018
TAMA-031This Cuckolded Husband Doesn't Know The Truth A Collection Of Beautiful Married Woman Babes Getting Fucked By Other Men11/19/2018
YPAA-020Impregnated Cuckolding Wife. Married Women Drowning In The Cum Of Other Men11/07/2018
MOND-154The Bride Got Her Brains Fucked Out By Her Horse-Hung Big Brother-In-Law And Little Brother-In-Law Yuri Nikaido10/24/2018
STCESD-050[Value Set] My Stepmom Is My Pet. Nozomi Maezono, Yuri Nikaido, Ian Hanasaki10/19/2018
GOPJ-098[VR] Dramatic High Picture Quality. Her Ripe Body Glistening In Oil. The Sexy Esthetician Uses Her Body To Relax Your Hard Cock. She Gets Turned On Herself As She Massages You With Her Shiny G-Cup Tits And Big Ass. Oil Titty Fuck And Cowgirl Creampie Sex. Yuri Nikaido10/19/2018
BDSR-362Stream-Only Special Included. Big Morkal Extreme. Married Women, Second Edition! 4 Hours, 8 Women09/14/2018
JFB-164Huge Cum Swallowing Debut And Real Creampie Total 103 Cumshots 480 Minutes! Non-Stop One Cock Battle Photo Shoot BEST08/24/2018
BZVR-018[VR] "I'll Help You with More than Just Homework." Hands On Sex Ed with Big Titty Teacher!! Yuri Nikaido08/23/2018
TSH-010I Want To Watch, Bend, Agonize, And Desire To Masturbate To Beautiful Legs 408/19/2018
UD-820RA Couples Swapping Hot Springs Vacation 3 The Secret To Reviving A Dead Marriage!! An Unbelievable Night Visit!? Meet Horny Husbands Who Can't Resist Seeing These Voluptuous Bodies Dancing And Prancing Before Their Very Eyes!!07/31/2018
VICD-384She's Lifted Her Ban On Black Cock Shaved Pussy Golden Shower Sex! A Voluptuous S&M Creampie Rape Yuri Nikaido07/27/2018
XRW-521"I'm Sorry, Honey..." Hot Wives in Cumming Frenzy, 10 Women 4 Hours07/26/2018
VNDS-3285Married Woman Meet Up Cheating Affair Network07/19/2018
MCSR-305*Bonus With Streaming Editions Only* How Many Wive's Pussies Can I Fill With My Cum? Yuri Nikaido07/18/2018
KSBJ-044The Naked Wife Highlights vol. 207/14/2018
CADV-674Passionate, Naughty Sex With Wives In Their 30's And 40's 8 Hours06/30/2018
NKD-222Getting Broken In At Madam's Secret Meeting Yuri Nikaido06/23/2018
TOMN-147The Thrill Of Domination From Behind Sweaty Full Body Cum Crazy Doggie Style Fucking Greatest Hits Collection06/22/2018
VICD-382Revolting Lesbian NTR You'll Never Want To See Again06/22/2018
XRW-501A Horny Slut Masterpiece Selection Cock Crazy Horny Bitches Greatest Hits Selection 206/21/2018
XRW-498Spasmic Ecstasy! Fucking While Assaulting With Sex Toys 10 Girls/4 Hour Special06/21/2018
HBAD-426A 29-Year Old Female Entrepreneur With Soft Skin And Brains Was Supposed To Launch Her Career By Starting Her Own Business, But When She Was Sexually Harassed, She Was Forced To Satisfy The Desires Of Her Client Yuri Nikaido06/20/2018
NCAC-033Memories Of Married Woman Shame06/07/2018
UD-813The Gynecology Molester!! Special Selections Footage Collection06/05/2018
TSP-396This Out Of Control Horny Son's Target Is His Mom She's Alone With Her Shut-in Son Son! Please Stop! "I Found You, Mama!"06/01/2018
VICD-379Fisting Unleashed! Spasmic Cum Crazy Anal Lesbian Slaves05/25/2018
GVG-683A Stepmom And Little Sister Who Transform Into Ultra Sluts After Drinking Sexual Stimulants Yuri Nikaido/Mio Hinata05/15/2018
NSPS-610Not For Public Viewing! Please Satisfy My Wife This Husband Is Too Stressed Out From Work To Fuck His Wife08/11/2017
LZPL-021An Utterly Charming Lesbian Yuri Nikaido Ayano Fuji02/18/2017
GVG-327A Horny StepB****************r R**e Their Obedient Stepmom Yuri Nikaido07/06/2016
JUFD-597Discovery! A Real Life Local Married Woman Makes Her AV Debut A Fair-Skinned Beauty From The North 34 Years Old, G Cup Tits Yuri Nikaido05/28/2016
NGOD-053(Sad News) The Seduction - I Downloaded a Sex Video Featuring a Big-Boobed Amateur Who Turned Out to Be? My Own Wifen/a
MIST-135"Please, I Beg You? Let Me Cum? " Withstanding Relentless Stimulation That Takes Her to the Verge of Orgasm Followed By Raw Seeding Nakadashi That Makes Her Cry Out Loud! Soul-Destroying Nakadashi Sex 2n/a
JUX-937After My Husband Went to Work?n/a
WPE-53Banged As She Prostrated Herself?n/a
WANZ-542Can You Handle Naughty Words and Stimulation to the Max Without Being Allowed to Cum!?n/a
SORA-120Circle of Exhibitionism Maniacs, Getting Together and Getting Wild in the Summern/a
BF-474Document of a Real Teacher - Disqualified As a Teacher, Afterschool Sex?n/a
HMPD-10049Explosive H-Cup Tits & Scrumptious Big Butt Rejuvenating Nakadashi Esthetic Salonn/a
VDD-130Female Doctor in... (Coercion Suite Room) Doctor Yuri (28)n/a
MOT-201Forbidden Family Love, 36-Year-Old 97cm H-Cup 95cm Hips 170cm Tall Beautiful Big-Boobed Mothern/a
WANZ-592I Caught a Shoplifter and She Turned Out to Be the Mother of a Guy Who Used to Bully Men/a
JUX-908Invited to a Sexual Esthetic Clinic That Housewives Get Hooked On?n/a
RADD-009It Starts From Today? My Wife is Gonna Come Home After Cheating For the First Timen/a
JUFD-648Lascivious Lady Who Entices Via Dirty Language and Teases to the Limit - Marriage Advisor Who Enjoys Taking Me to a High Without Giving Me a Releasen/a
CESD-306My Pet Stepmother 3 - "Please Put Your Dick Inside of Me? "n/a
MRSS-041My Wife Who Has the Heart of a Big Sister Tried to Protect Me From a Bunch of Jerks and Incurring Their Wrath, Became a Target Herself? My Wife Was Banged and Creampied By Them Right Before My Eyes, But Being So Scared There Was Not a Thing I Could Don/a
NITR-234Nakadashi Offline Meeting With a Circle of Middle-Aged Dudes 9n/a
XRW-313Naked Landladyn/a
AVOP-369Older Girl Rendered a Sex Slave By Virgins to Process Their Sexual Needsn/a
DIY-090Plan to Get Banged By Her Son - To Get Her Beloved Son to Do Her, He Sent Him a Nakadashi Video Lettern/a
YST-101Rendered a Plaything Again Today By Her Stepfather?n/a
RADC-011Seduction At a Hot Pot Party - This is What Happened When I Held a Party For Some Coworkers Who Have No Game to Which My Wife Invited Her Friendsn/a
JUFD-792Semen-Gulping Liberation and Genuine Nakadashi 32 Times Back-to-Back Over 110 Minutes Nonstop, Taking On a Photo Society in An Intense Sessionn/a
TIKP-002She Has a Husband, But An Aphrodisiac Transformed Her Into a Slutty Horny Bitch Who Would Do Anything! Beautiful Wife With Big Sexy Titsn/a
SDMU-568SOD Romance, Alone With My Stepmother in the Elevatorn/a
VENU-661Steamy In--st Mother-Son Bathing Fuckn/a
JUFD-686Succulent Sucking Fellatio Salon, Total Lubrication With Viscous Salivan/a
MIGD-768Teacher With a Big Butt Who Tempts You Into Delivering Intravaginal Ejaculations From Behindn/a
YAL-046The Feel of Pleasantly Plump and Jiggly Fleshn/a
APNS-011The Masochist Within Her Was Made to Bloom. Beautiful Door-to-Door Insurance Saleslady Resigned to Securing Contracts the Shady Way, By Offering Up Her Body Up. "For the Sake of Clients, I Give Myself Up to Them As Much As They Want, How They Want... "n/a
VEMA-117The Sexually Harassive Married Tutor Provoked I Who Have Come of Age With Her Nasty Language and Unable to Simmer Down, I Seeded Her Through Raw Nakadashin/a
TITG-005Titty Wife, Raw Cream Pies, 97cm H-Cupn/a
PGD-913Tremendous Ass Sexual Service Premium 5 n/a
XRW-208Virtuous Married Woman Whose Sexual Desire Runs Higher Than Most Lays Her Instincts Bare As She Fucksn/a
HERY-078We Middle-Aged Guys Do For a Wife What Her Husband Cannot, Badgering Her Mercilessly to Drive Her Wild and Make Her Oursn/a
TAAK-005Yuri Who Works Part-Time At a Cafe is a Big-Boob Pleasantly Plump Lady Who Gets Sexually Harassed to the Maxn/a
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