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Sana Imanaga (今永さな/Age 28)

Also known as: Sana Matsunaga, 吉野めいこ, 松永さな, 桜井ゆかり, 永松早苗

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Sana Imanaga (今永さな/Age 28) Profile:

Born: February 8, 1996
Measurements: B89 / W58 / H88
Cup Size: G Cup
AV Activity: June 2016
Sign: Aquarius
Blood Type: O
Height: 164cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Sana Imanaga (今永さな/Age 28)

Sana Imanaga Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
HRV-061Sex While Dressed Fetish 30 Girls 8 Hours Best Of Vol 01 "I Won't Undress Until The End!" All Clothed SEX03/18/2021
HRV-053Totally Beautiful Girl, I'll Borrow Her. 1st Store BEST 30 People, 8 Hours vol. 0112/24/2020
HRV-034The 50 Best Orgasmic Beautiful Ladies In Cum Crazy Ecstasy 8 Hours Vol.01 When These Ladies Hit The Peak Of Sexual Pleasure, They Achieve "Ecstasy" And You Won't Want To Miss A Single Moment!06/18/2020
HRV-017Best Of Biggest Goddess Tits For Titty Lovers vol. 0112/26/2019
HRV-016Most Beautiful Girl Amazing Blowjob 40 Cumshot Special 8 Hours12/19/2019
HRV-009Slimy And Sweaty Sex 24! Best 8 Hours ACT. 0210/10/2019
GAH-129[Debut] Goddess Tits Porn Debut 8 Hours05/23/2019
GNE-225We'll Rent You A Sure-Thing Big Tits Beautiful Girl 4 Hours 104/11/2019
GAH-124Creampie Raw Footage Unleashed 8 Hours 202/21/2019
GNE-221Competitive Swimsuit Sex 4 Hours 102/07/2019
GNE-218New Beautiful Girl At A Rented Out Hot Spring Hotel 501/03/2019
GAH-115Sana Imanaga Super Best Hits Collection 8 Hours10/18/2018
GNE-212Creampie Raw Footage Unrestricted!! 0410/04/2018
GNE-206We Have The Strongest AV Actress Available For Rent 15 Ladies/4 Hours 507/05/2018
GAH-107Red-Hot Sex With A Dripping Wet, Beautiful Girl In A Paradise Of Eternal Summer 8 Hours 206/21/2018
PPT-059Sana Imanaga 8 Hours BEST PRESTIGE PREMIUM TREASURE Vol.02 All 6 Titles + Previously Unreleased Footage Follow The Career Of Sana Imanaga In This Special Collector's Edition!!04/12/2018
GNE-197A Totally Beautiful Girl Gets Her Beautiful Face Shot Up Cum Face Style 0202/08/2018
ABP-668Endless Sex ACT.08 The Most Extreme Series Horny Large Orgies Sex 64 Fucks/119 Minutes!! Sana Imanaga11/23/2017
GAH-093Sweaty, Intense SEX 8 Hours 311/16/2017
ABP-655A Private Hot Springs Bath, And Deep And Rich Sex With A Beautiful Girl 02 Sana Imanaga10/26/2017
ABP-643Sports Cosplay Sweaty Sex 4 Fucks! Sports Jock Sana Imanaga Act.10 1009/28/2017
ABP-550Deep And Rich Filming Up Close And Personal Eroticism 3 Real Fucking Sana Imanaga12/29/2016
ABP-532Taming Sana Imanaga 110/27/2016
PPT-036Current Exclusive Actresses' Super Passionate Sex: BEST MIX SPECIAL 0110/13/2016
ABP-522Natural Airhead Natural Ingredients Sana Imanaga 120%09/29/2016
BGN-037Fresh Face. Prestige Exclusive Debut. Sana Imanaga06/09/2016
CHN-111(New) An Absolutely Beautiful Young Lady, She Will Be Offered - Act.60n/a
ABP-633Big-Breasted Even With Clothes On, 3 Kinky Fucks File.02n/a
ABP-541Brothel Tower, Sexual Full Course 3-Hour Specialn/a
ABP-591Porno Starn/a
ABP-507Prestige Summer Festival 2016 - 1 Vs. 1 (Bondage Liberation), Going Mano-a-Mano On Bare Instincts in 4 Fucks Act.02n/a
ABP-571Princess of a Circle of Hobbyists 04n/a
ABP-600Raw Cream Pies 17n/a
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