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Yuma Asami - 麻美ゆま

Yuma Asami was born on 03/23/1987 in Tokyo.

Measurements: 96-58-88 (cm)
Cup Size: H-65 Cup
Porn/AV Activity: 2013
Sign: Aries
Blood Type: AB
Height: 158 cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Yuma Asami.

Yuma Asami Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
DV-1173Yuma's Body Has Become My Own! 08/22/2019
DVAJ-408These Girls Were Getting A Teleprompter Interview While Getting Their Titties Fondled And Their Pussies Fucked 15 Consecutive Fucks08/10/2019
DVAJ-410Girls Fucked At A Gang Banging Photo Session 13 Girls 5 Hours08/10/2019
DV-1158Beautiful Bra-less Student08/01/2019
DV-1150I Will Make Your Home Into a Soapland07/25/2019
DV-1142Sports Gym Lady07/18/2019
DVAJ-403[Special Price] Alice Japan 35 Year Anniversary Highlights Last Part07/12/2019
DV-1131Evaluate My Kiss07/11/2019
DVAJ-4045 Hours Of Beautiful Young Girls Thoroughly Molesting You07/07/2019
DVAJ-4052 Rounds Of Sex With An Insatiable Beauty Who'll Pleasure You And Make You Hard Again Right After You Cum07/07/2019
DV-1256Work of a Volunteer Who Handles Sex06/27/2019
DV-1126All Perverts Bus06/20/2019
DVAJ-399So Goood - So Much Cum After Fucking! Super Passionate Sex Ends In Big Facial Highlights 10 Women06/08/2019
DVAJ-400Cumming By Titty Fucking In Cleavage Of Soft Tits Highlights 19 Women 5 Hours06/08/2019
MKCK-235The Users Have Recognized This Collection Of Divine BODY Babes! E-BODY Heisei Era Best Bodies Top Selling 100 Babes You're Guaranteed To Get Your Nookie On With One Of These Hot Babes 100 Fucks 12-Hour Memorial Best Hits Collection06/07/2019
DV-1086Sperm Bank Withdrawal Department05/30/2019
DV-1115Yuma Asami Will Regulate Your Ejaculation05/23/2019
DV-1053Titty-Fucking That Does Not End05/16/2019
DV-1077Alice Japan-Exclusive Actress - Yuma Asami's Super High-Class Soap!05/16/2019
DVAJ-393Sex 4 Seconds After Meeting. 13 Beautiful Girls Get Insta-Fucked By A Man With A Fully Erect Dick. 5 Hours05/11/2019
DVAJ-394She's Getting Her G-Spot Stimulated And Now She's Cum Splattering And Showering Everywhere!!! 120 Consecutive Squirting Cum Shots 5 Hours05/11/2019
DV-1022Rubbers Costume Play04/17/2019
DVAJ-387Girls Look You In The Eye While They Slurp And Suck Your Cock 15 Girls In 4 Hours04/07/2019
DV-1504Sex That Will Extract Every Last Bit of Semen From Your Body04/05/2019
DVAJ-373Pitakosu Athlete Fuck Collection 15 Girls/4 Hours01/12/2019
DV-1042All of a Sudden, Yuma Asami Appeared Before Me12/13/2018
MKCK-225Encyclopedia Of Word-Class Super Bodies. BEST. A Collection Of The Hottest Bodies In The Industry. 100 Women, 100 Sex scenes. 16-Hour Special12/08/2018
DVAJ-363Ultra Long Best Sellers A Furious Binge-Watching Special Of All The Longest Best Selling Divine Videos You Could Ever Want11/10/2018
DVAJ-357Massive Loads Of Cum On Their Faces. BEST. Normal Playback And Slow Motion. 105 Shots.10/12/2018
DVAJ-358Sex In The Bath Highlights. 18 Women, 4 Hours10/12/2018
MKCK-209E-BODY 10th Anniversary A Greatest Hits Collection Of The Greatest Super Body The World Has Ever Seen A Collection Of The Strongest And Best Bodies In AV History 100 Ladies/100 Fucks/12 Hours Special06/08/2018
MKCK-211A Lady With Both Beauty And An Incredible Body A Miracle!! Perfect Actresses With Big Tits And Small Waists And Excessively Beautiful Faces 31 Ladies/8 Hour Collection05/11/2018
OFJE-138Beautiful Faces, Great Bodies, Incredible Service! 24 S-Class Pros Welcome You On a Grand Tour Through 48 High Class VIP-Only Sex Shops02/14/2018
OFJE-100[First Time Only] Exclusively Shot Original Cover New Year S-1 2017 100 Ultra First Rate Actresses In An Ultra Exquisite Princess Fest! All Sex 12 Hour Special04/14/2017
TDOP-007One Bill AV Best [Shaking Shame] It's Embarrassing To Shake My Ass, But A Cowgirl Is The Only Position That Feels This Good! These Ladies Are Going Cum Crazy For These Hip Shaking Furious Fuck Dances03/06/2017
OFJE-079Anal Sex In High Definition With A Super Class Actress Who Shows Us Her Ass Throbbing And Spasming In Bashful Pleasure10/21/2016
DVAJ-147BEST Cowgirl Sex- Leading Men To Climax With Their Dirty Grinding. 4 Hours06/11/2016
PBD-323PREMIUM 10th Anniversary - The Best Of PREMIUM 12 Hours 2011~ 201504/01/2016
RBB-073A Covered Naked Body is Even More Sexy - Black Stockings You Want to Pet 16 Hours of The Best11/13/2015
DVAJ-032The Best Of Alice's Big Tits And Colossal Tits 4 Hours04/09/2015
DVAJ-027Four Hours Of Hard Dick Drilling That Looks Like It Feels Great03/26/2015
DVAJ-024Lots of Love Juice BEST 4 Hours03/12/2015
PBD-295Hot Babes Make Us Their Own! Abused By Tons Of Hotties. Eight Hour Greatest Hits Collection03/04/2015
PBD-285PREMIUM Extravagantly Large Orgies 8 Hour Special12/03/2014
PDV-164The Rape Madness05/22/2014
RKI-337Rookie Selection! The Best Sports Costumes 16 Hours05/16/2014
RKI-288Super Deluxe Debuts Of 48 Popular Actresses, Sex With Innocence. 16 Hours10/12/2013
PBD-202P Remi UM SUPER ACTRESSES The Best of Super Gorgeous Actresses Fucking 8 Hours05/02/2013
PDV-154The Never-Ending 4 Hours 15 Actresses Special!!04/11/2013
PBD-187One Lucky Guy in a Harem of Willing Women: The Best of the Best (8 Hours)02/01/2013
PDV-055Alice JAPAN 200901/07/2013
ONSD-5954 Hours of S1 Actresses + Amateur Guys: Super Famous Girls Hunting For Virgin Cherry Boy Amateurs To Fuck!04/04/2012
DV-1291At the Front-line of True Beauties, THE BEST of Alice JAPAN07/21/2011
PDV-140Alice JAPAN Exclusive Actresses In A Super High Class Bath Brothel!!! 4 Hours Of Footage05/26/2011
PDV-133Alice JAPAN 3 Stars Cum Face Collection 4 Hours02/24/2011
ONSD-405Barely Censored Special Selection SEX 8 Hour Special 403/18/2010
ONSD-396S1 2009 - The Best of the Best - 8 Hours02/18/2010
PDV-103Lustful Swim Instructor 7 Girls 4 Hours02/11/2010
ONSD-390The Finest! Dick Rubbing Cowgirl FUCK 4 Hours02/04/2010
ONSD-391S Rank Female Teachers Give The World's Most Filthy Classes 8 Hours !02/04/2010
ONSD-392Super Cuties Team up for an Exclusive Gang Bang02/04/2010
ONSD-385Titty Fuck Heaven & Piston Hell 4 Hours01/06/2010
PDV-093Endless Clean-Up Blowjob 4 Hours12/24/2009
ONSD-378The Best 50 From 2009 1st Half! 8 Hours12/17/2009
ONSD-370Filthy Sex With A Beautiful Slut 4 Hours 211/18/2009
PDV-086Meeting and Fucking Right Away Special11/16/2009
ONSD-365Minimal Mosaic The Best Collection 2009 1st Half10/18/2009
ONSD-367The Most Amazing Transcendent Cowgirl Sex 4 Hours10/18/2009
ONSD-362Cock Melting Sloppy Blowjob 4 Hours10/06/2009
ONSD-363Horny Squirting Young Wife 4 Hours10/06/2009
ONSD-356Dirty Talk Sex You'll Feel With Your Ear 4 Hours09/17/2009
ONSD-35922 S-Class Actresses! Wetting Themselves Cumming 4 Hours09/17/2009
ALICE-002Fucking in Seconds After Meeting Special08/31/2009
ONSD-349Begging For Semen 100 Sessions 4 Hours08/18/2009
ONSD-350Beautiful Ass Addiction 4 Hours08/18/2009
ONSD-351Machine Gun Piston Fuck 4 Hours!08/18/2009
ONSD-344Barely Censored Special Selection SEX 8 Hour Special 308/06/2009
ONSD-346Selected Too Soft Titties 4 Hours08/06/2009
ONSD-340Maison S1 Actresses Indulge In 24 Hour Fucking!07/16/2009
ONSD-341The Best 50 From 2008 2nd Half! 8 Hours07/16/2009
ONSD-34320 S-Class Actresses! Sticky and Wild Sex 4 Hour Special07/16/2009
ONSD-338Real Sex Fucking YOU - 4 Hours07/06/2009
ONSD-215These Girls Will Suck Your Cock Dry and Swallow Every Last Drop! 100 Girls - 100 Cum Shots!07/17/2008
ONSD-216Amazing Deep In The Fuck 4 Hours07/17/2008
DV-539Naive Harcore06/02/2006
ONED-292New Face x Risky Mosaic02/06/2006
CHD-019Premium Honey
(Nudity Only! No Sex Scenes!)
CHD-026Premium Honey, Second Impact
(Nude Only! No Sex Scenes!)
DV-1011Yuma Asami Will Be Sent to Your Homen/a
DV-1061Yuma Asami Amidst An Exhibition of Erect Penisesn/a
DV-1069The Older Sister Prances Around in the Nude at Home and I Can't Stand Itn/a
DV-1096Until Ejaculation is Done Ten Times - Sex That Does Not Endn/a
DV-1107Mischief With the Girlfriend While She's On the Phonen/a
DV-1166English Lessons Learned in Bedn/a
DV-1183Classmate Who is Too Precociousn/a
DV-1193Yes Pillow Everydayn/a
DV-1203AV Idol Photo Sessionn/a
DV-1212Nudist Ladyn/a
DV-1221Festival Ladyn/a
DV-1230New Bus Guide Yuma Asami Will Do All Simultaneously On the Tripn/a
DV-1238Can't Tell That She is Having Sex - Sneakily Fucking Around and Enduring Ecstasy While in the Presence of Othersn/a
DV-1247Fellatio That Will Not Endn/a
DV-1267Kiss, Fellatio, Sucking On Balls and Then Fellatio Again Followed By Licking the Buttn/a
DV-1278Meet Up and Then Fuck in 4 Seconds Againn/a
DV-1290Hot Bath Featuring a Guy's First Fuck - Bathhouse For Male Virginsn/a
DV-1302Undercover Investigator of Perverts On a Busn/a
DV-1312Subjected to Mischief By the Second Fathern/a
DV-1322I'll Give You Something to Feast Onn/a
DV-1333I Got a Controller For a Woman's Body!n/a
DV-13442-Day, 7-Shot Hot Springs Tripn/a
DV-1354Make-Up Sex Feels the Bestn/a
DV-1364Her Sexual Duties For Todayn/a
DV-1374Welcome to An Esthetic Treatment For Men That Makes Them Squirtn/a
DV-1384Lascivious Talentn/a
DV-1394Teacher of Sexn/a
DV-1404It's a Pillow Sales Department Starting At Five P.M.n/a
DV-1414Only On Topn/a
DV-1423If I Could Be a Spirit Following Adorable Yuma, I'd Constantly Squeeze Her Titties Every Dayn/a
DV-1433Waiting to Get Picked Upn/a
DV-1453Miss Whose Poorly Hidden Cleavage Proves Mighty Temptingn/a
DV-1464Wife Who Was Sold Into a Soaplandn/a
DV-1475In-Home Instructor With High Legsn/a
DV-1485Deka-Penis Taste Comparisonn/a
DV-1514Widow Whose Husband Died While They Had Sexn/a
DV-551Passion Hardcoren/a
DV-578The Contrary Soap Heavenn/a
DV-598Uniform Dolln/a
DV-615Self-Portrait #6n/a
DV-623Fetish Yuman/a
DV-639Practice of Abnormalityn/a
DV-652Obscene Modeln/a
DV-663Won't You Have a Titty Conversation With Yuma Asami?n/a
DV-675Super Camera Eye Contact Principlen/a
DV-678Yuma Asami The Bestn/a
DV-685Yuma Asami 1st Anniversaryn/a
DV-704Dear Doctor Let's Play Make-Believen/a
DV-718Fuck & Roll 96n/a
DV-731Yuma Asami Will Assist You Through Sex!n/a
DV-745Rodeo Fuckn/a
DV-755Greatest Titsn/a
DV-772I Like Sex That is Forc*d Upon Men/a
DV-790Dear Yuma Will Teach Youn/a
DV-795The Realn/a
DV-806Moaning Loudly! Convulsing! Coming With Tears!n/a
DV-813Lascivious Ladyn/a
DV-823My Putty-Like Petn/a
DV-834No.1 AV Actress Yuma Asami's Amateur Actor Auditionn/a
DV-846Erotic Tongue Action - Perfect Mosaic Concentrated Fellatio Moist Tongue Caressingn/a
DV-858In Order to Become a Lovely Lady, All-Over Hand Oil Esthetic Treatmentn/a
DV-879Admired Racing Swimwear Instructorn/a
DV-888Meet Up and Then Fuck in 4 Secondsn/a
DV-899Serial Fuckingn/a
DV-907No.1 Idol Yuma Asami Male Virgin Production 02n/a
DV-918H***otic Pleasuren/a
DV-928Yuma Asami and 100 Masturbatorsn/a
DV-939No.1 AV Actress Yuma Asami's Amateur Actress Auditionn/a
DV-948The Younger Guyn/a
DV-962No.1 Idol Yuma Asami's Work Towards a Supple Bodyn/a
DV-973Will Come With Miss Yuma! Premature Ejaculation Incidence Reduction Training Campn/a
DV-986French Kiss Date in Front of the Train Stationn/a
DV-996Cleaning Fellatio That Does Not Endn/a
EBOD-238SSS-Body - Completely Uncut Sexn/a
GBHL-026X Hours Ecstasy Yuma Asami Zero
(Nude Only! No Sex Scenes!)
ONED-323Risky Mosaic - Yuma's Sex Will Be Shown Thoroughlyn/a
ONED-333Risky Mosaic - Moist Concentrate Sexn/a
ONED-352Risky Mosaic - Six Costumes Pakopako!n/a
ONED-374Risky Mosaic - Sex on the Beach, Southern Island Pakopako!n/a
ONED-396Risky Mosaic - The Big Tits Nursery Just for Men/a
ONED-424Risky Mosaic - Let's Have Sex at Schooln/a
ONED-453Risky Mosaic - Super Titty-Fucking 3n/a
ONED-478Risky Mosaic - Pakopako Newlywed Life With Yuman/a
ONED-500Risky Mosaic - Climax! Too Much Coming Squirting Fuckn/a
ONED-527Risky Mosaic - Yuma Who is Just For Men/a
ONED-571Risky Mosaic - Delusional Special Bathn/a
ONED-591Hyper-Risky Mosaicn/a
ONED-625Risky Mosaic - Pakopako Via Swimsuitn/a
ONED-651Risky Mosaic - Bakobako Fucking 21n/a
ONED-675Risky Mosaic - Frantic Piston 7n/a
ONED-721Risky Mosaic - Infinite Climax! Exciting Ecstasy Fuckn/a
ONED-747Risky Mosaic - Shouting! Big Magnum Fuckn/a
ONED-765Complete Limited Production x High Mosaic Ver 2.1 - Hyper-Risky Mosaic MVn/a
ONED-787Risky Mosaic - Twenty Costumes Pakopako!n/a
ONED-812Risky Mosaic - Finest Body Fuckn/a
ONED-832Hyper x Risky Mosaic - Female Ejaculation Hyper-Risky Mosaicn/a
ONED-850Risky Mosaic - Six Sexual Service Establishments Pakopako!n/a
ONED-869Risky Mosaic - My Girlfriend, Yuma Asamin/a
ONED-886Risky Mosaic - Awesome Facialn/a
ONED-904Hyper x Risky Mosaic - Yuma is Your Putty-Like Toyn/a
ONED-922Risky Mosaic - Incontinence That Will Not Go Awayn/a
ONED-940Risky Mosaic - In--stn/a
ONED-972Hyper x Risky Mosaic - Yuma Asami Who is Just For Men/a
ONSD-059Yuma Asami x Risky Mosaic - Yuma Asami Collection 1n/a
PDV-010Alice Pink File - You Will Be Enchanted By Way of a New Mosaic Principle!n/a
PDV-158Yuma Asami Complete Collection 2 (Vs. Virgins, Amateurs)n/a
SOE-001Hyper x Risky Mosaic - Deep Throatn/a
SOE-022Risky Mosaic - Fading Away Repeatedly, Grand Orgasmn/a
SOE-059Risky Mosaic - Lovely Lascivious Lady's Kiss and Sexn/a
SOE-080First Semen-Gulping x Risky Mosaic - First Semen-Drinking and Sexn/a
SOE-123Risky Mosaic - More Vigorously, Do Me Hardern/a
SOE-146R--e x Risky Mosaic - Female Teacher Who Was Fuckedn/a
SOE-166Risky Mosaic - Fluid Exchange, Intimate Sexn/a
SOE-200Risky Mosaic - Golden Ratio Bodyn/a
SOE-217Risky Mosaic - Obscene Molestern/a
SOE-234Yuma Asami x Yuma Asami - Miracle Twin Sistersn/a
SOE-250Risky Mosaic - Squirting Nurse's Seductive Caren/a
SOE-265Risky Mosaic - Suck to the Very Last Dropn/a
SOE-287Risky Mosaic - No.1 Body Conscious Stylen/a
SOE-310Risky Mosaic - I Want to Be Flattened By Yuma Asami's Beautiful Assn/a
SOE-326Risky Mosaic - My Mama Who Cannot Draw Herself Away From Penisn/a
SOE-340Ejaculate Inside of Men/a
SOE-355Female Teacher Who Was Viola--d - As---lt Which That One Cannot Get Away Fromn/a
SOE-371Stick It to Me in a Hardcore Mannern/a
SOE-386Complete Submission Very Masochistic Secretaryn/a
SOE-4023D x Yuma Asami - Very Fine Body Sex That Will Enchant By Way of a 3D Imagen/a
SOE-409Kiss Me Even As You Are Sticking It to Me?n/a
SOE-430My First Experience is With Yuma Asamin/a
SOE-446Yuma Asami Who Suddenly Got Hornyn/a
SOE-463Ero Celeb Who Causes Sexual Desire to Go Out of Controln/a
SOE-481In--st - Younger Sister's Body Which Has Matured So Muchn/a
SOE-515Private Teacher - Tempted By a Teacher With An H-Cup?n/a
SOE-531Quick Banging! When the Light Comes Alive, Sex Anywheren/a
SOE-548Fluid Exchange, Intimate Sex - Blossoming Sex Hot Springs Editionn/a
SOE-579Secret Female Investigator - Agent Fucked in Confinementn/a
SOE-594Most Mega Facial Feastn/a
SOE-609Yuma Asami's Cowgirl Position Specialn/a
SOE-624Lewd and Gentle Manager Who Doesn't Wear a Bran/a
SOE-63820 Costumes!n/a
SOE-649I'm Having An Affair With Yuma Asamin/a
SOE-673Lascivious School Doctorn/a
SOE-686Complete Eye Contact With the Camera - Face Staring While Coming During Sexn/a
SOE-716My Boss is a Lascivious Office Lady Who Sexuallly Harasses Men/a
SOE-735Indecent Bodyn/a
SOE-753Very Promiscuous Bang Bangn/a
SOE-772Bakobako Sexual Service No.1 Provider, 4-Hour Specialn/a
SOE-805Boyfriend Who Ejaculates Prematurelyn/a
SOE-821Room Service From a Mighty Fine Miss - Secret Gentleman's Club For Super VIP Onlyn/a
SOE-836Drenched With Fluidsn/a
SOE-848Secret Female Investigator 2 - Betrayed Agent Who is Taken Downn/a
SOE-872Yuma Asami's Squirting Full Coursen/a
SOE-893Bakobako Sexual Service No.1 Providern/a
SOE-904Hot Steamy Beautiful Hostess - Relieving Hot Springs Hoteln/a
SOE-916Give Me Spermn/a
SOE-929Young Wife Who Was Viola--d in Front of Her Husband - Disgraceful R--e Under H***otismn/a
SOE-944Young Wife Who Lost Herself Using An Aphrodisiacn/a
SSPD-086Viola--d Right in Front of the Husband - Stolen Fidelityn/a
TSDV-41045Love Paran/a
TYA-01Double Shot
(Nude Only! No Sex Scenes!)
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