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Makina Yui - 結まきな

Makina Yui was born on 11/02/1998 in n/a.

Measurements: B83 / W56 / H85
Cup Size: C Cup
Porn/AV Activity: 2017
Sign: Scorpio
Blood Type: A
Height: 153cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Makina Yui.

Makina Yui Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
GVG-898Double Slave Momo Hazuki/Makina Yui07/02/2019
MILK-056An Ultra Tsundere Little Sister Gives A Fearsome Cherry Boy Popping Yui Makina Makina Yui06/05/2019
AT-168Hypnotism App That Allows You To Control A Girl's Body And Make Her Follow Your Every Whim! Forbidden Raw Creampie Sex With A Lust Crazed Schoolgirl05/14/2019
FCH-031[Download Only] Rubbing Your Dick Against Their Shaved Pussies. Beautiful Girls With Smooth Pussies Rub Their Dripping Wet Pussies Against Your Bare Cock Till You Bust Your Nut!05/02/2019
GVG-866Anal Device Bondage XIV Iron Bondage Anal Torture Makina Yui04/30/2019
PTS-443Literary Beauty. If She Can Read A Novel Aloud While Wearing Sex-Toy Panties, She'll Win $1000! She Squirts! Pisses Herself! Gets Turned On! She Goes Home Satisfied After Some Creampie Sex...04/14/2019
TMAVR-066[VR] Feature Length VR. Creampie Sex With Beautiful Girls In Knee-High Socks With Pigtails Who Temp You With Panty Shots03/27/2019
T-2800551Creampie Sex With A Beautiful Girl In A Miniskirt And Knee-High Socks And Pigtails02/21/2019
DOCP-128My Little Sister Has A Hangup About Sex, And One Day, She Put Me To Sleep With Drugs... And When I Woke Up, She Was Riding My Cock And Cumming Herself With Cowgirl Pleasure!! And She Already Gave Herself A Creampie!? I Couldn't Control Myself In The Face Of My Little Sister's Overwhelming Lust, And We Ended Up Having Unstoppable Consecutive Creampie Sex!!02/14/2019
DVAJ-376A Little Sister Gets Creampied By Her Insatiable Brother Who Won't Stop Fucking Her Even When Their Parents Come Home. Makina Yui02/09/2019
SAVR-032[VR] I Fell In Love With These Two Schoolgirl Sisters And Now I'm Having Sex In The Little Sister's Room Every Day Taking Turns Having Creampie Raw Footage Sex12/27/2018
BIKMVR-034[VR] Relatives Staying At My House For A Few Days Use Me As A Guinea Pig And Talk Dirty Into My Ears From Both Sides! They Sigh And Lick! Harem Creampie Sex. Little Sister Makina Yui And Big Sister Rui Hizuki12/22/2018
GNE-216Teasing To The Upper Limit Of Cum Craziness 312/06/2018
BBAN-208Prostitution Lesbian Series A Soapland Lesbo No. 1 Battle For Pride And Popularity! Umi Hinata, Makina Yui12/05/2018
KMVR-496[VR] While Going Home From School, These 2 Schoolgirl Babes Got Caught In A Sudden Rainstorm And Were Soaking Wet, So I Had Consecutive Creampie Raw Footage Sex With Them11/12/2018
DSVR-315[VR] Lesbian Anal Play. Violating A Pretty Girl's Every Hole With Fingers And Tongue09/04/2018
ABP-750Naughty Living With My Little Sister Manaki Yui Incest Series No. 003 Total POV Sex 3 Hours Taboo Creampies07/12/2018
ABP-735The Ultimate Ass 3 Fucks With Makina Yui's Orgasmic Ass 1 We're Fucking This Godly Ass!05/31/2018
ABP-726Endless Sex ACT.09 Her First Lesbian Fuck In This Series!! Large Orgies To The Limit 62 Fucks/169 Minutes!! Makina Yui05/10/2018
ABP-715Fucking Allowed!? The Hotly Rumored Secret Pink Salon 01 Get Your Fill Of The Most Peachiest Asses In The AV World! Makina Yui04/12/2018
ABP-700Divine Cumming, Totally Real: Tied Up & Forced to Cum 3. Makina Yui Losing Control of Her Bladder Between the Pleasure & Pain Of Excessive Orgasms03/01/2018
ABP-693Makina Yui Raw Creampies 21 The New Frontier Of Makina Yui, The Wonder Child Of AV02/08/2018
ABP-683Makina Yui Lucky Slut 4 Any Horny Thing You Can Think Of Will Cum True!!01/11/2018
ABP-672Her First Trance Global Fuck Furious Orgasmic Ecstatic Sex 41 She Came So Hard She Bent Backwards In Ecstasy Makina Yui11/30/2017
ABP-659My Obedient Pet Who Loves Me Too Much 6 Our Very Own POV Breaking In Session Makina Yui11/02/2017
CHN-146Renting New Beautiful Women 76 Makina Yui (AV Actress), Age 1810/05/2017
ABP-636This Female Manager Is Our Cum Bucket Sex Pet 026 Makina Yui08/31/2017
BGN-045Prestige Exclusive Fresh Face Debut. Makina Yui08/03/2017
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