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Chinami Ito - 伊東ちなみ

Chinami Ito was born on 11/30/1996 in Shizuoka.

Measurements: B86 / W57 / H86
Cup Size: D Cup
Porn/AV Activity: 2015
Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type: n/a
Height: 163cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Chinami Ito.

Chinami Ito Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
MIDE-603Her First Fan-Appreciation Project. Home Visit. Give Me All You've Got. Chinami Ito12/08/2018
MIDE-594Fucking Her From Behind While Looking At Her Peachy Ass!! Relentless Fucking That Doesn't Stop Even When She Orgasms. Chinami Ito11/09/2018
MIDE-585My Seductive Female Boss Tempts Me In Tight Skirts. Chinami Ito10/11/2018
MDVR-025[VR] Chinami Ito Will Take All Day To Make You Come Over And Over Again. VR Masturbation Instructions, Panty Shots, Footjob With Knee-High Socks, Loving Sex! "How Many Times Will You Come With Chinami?"09/12/2018
MIDE-579My Sister is... A Fuck Monster. Chinami Ito09/07/2018
MIZD-097Chinami Ito 2nd Year Anniversary! Sensual Cum Crazy Sex - A Massive Large Release From A Nympho Teacher - Greatest Hits Collection07/27/2018
MIDE-566A Little Devil Female Manager Who Likes To Tease And Attack Shows Off Her Ejaculation Management Training Technique Chinami Ito07/06/2018
MIDE-555Sex Club Residence Chinami Ito06/08/2018
MIZD-093Full Swallowing Vacuum Powered Blowjob Action Greatest Hits Collection05/25/2018
MIDE-546Schoolgirl Siren Gang Bang Rape She's Afraid To Call For Help And Get Exposed As A Rape Victim, So She Kept Quiet And Silently Orgasmed In Despair Chinami Ito05/11/2018
MIDE-264Real University Student!! Pretty and Sexy 18-Year-Old's AV Debut!!09/09/2015
MIDE-273I Came For the First Time!n/a
MIDE-282Heart-Pounding First Experience - Pretty Girl's Special Soapland Servicen/a
MIDE-291Maid Who Gets Right Down to Fucking Anytime, Anywheren/a
MIDE-298Let's Live Togethern/a
MIDE-305Erotic Smart Private Teachern/a
MIDE-322First 2-Day, 1-Night Bang-Filled Tripn/a
MIDE-330What? Right Here? Grand Plots Featuring Heartpounding Sex Performed Stealthily So As Not to Get Caught!!n/a
MIDE-337Chinami Ito is a High School Student Who Provides Masturbation Supportn/a
MIDE-343Slender Sensitive Cosplayern/a
MIDE-350Orgasm Sex That Will Not Stop Despite 10 Ejaculations in 1 Dayn/a
MIDE-355Climaxing, Screaming, Convulsing, Consecutive Orgasms - I Came So Muchn/a
MIDE-362My Younger Sister Goes All-Out to Tempt Me By Flashing Her Panties While Wearing a Big Smilen/a
MIDE-371Losing Herself in Molesters... She Knew It Was the One Train Car That Was Off-Limits?n/a
MIDE-382Super High-Class Devilish Men's Esthetic Salonn/a
MIDE-392Naked Maid Who Will Make You Hard Anytimen/a
MIDE-402Feeling Each Other Via Tongue and Lips - Deep French Kisses Galoren/a
MIDE-412Twitching Convulsions That Don't Stop During Oil Massage During An Oil Massage That Provokes Sexual Sensationsn/a
MIDE-423Swallowing Whole Vacuum Fellatio, 240-Minute Special Editionn/a
MIDE-435Her First Time With Cherry Boys, The Devirginization Document!!n/a
MIDE-443Turning On Cocks While Providing Instruction!! The Seductive New Teachern/a
MIDE-451She's Quick to Cum and Goes On and On, 4 Rounds of Sex During Which She's So Sensitiven/a
MIDE-460Devilish Older Sister Who Messes Around With Me Sexually and Changes the Way I Cum Dailyn/a
MIDE-468Younger Sister's Ill-Fitting Bra and Nip Slipsn/a
MIDE-476I Happened to See My Girlfriend in a Video Posted Online in Which She Was Privately Recorded Having Sex With a Bunch of Assholes From a Club Whose Secret Goal is to Find Women to Fuck...n/a
MIDE-485Uber-Orgasmic Positions, Tappin' Her Portio Vaginalisn/a
MIDE-494The Way She Looks When She Trains is Simply Irresistible!! Trainer's Spicy Temptationn/a
MIDE-505We Aroused Chinami Ito Who Abstained From Sex For a Month Without Lettting Her Cum Over and Over, Building Her Sensitivity to the Max Before Making Her Orgasm Repeatedly With Sex That Made Her Feel Like She Was in a Trancen/a
MIDE-516Older Girl Who's Into the Literary Arts Tied Me Up So I Couldn't Move and Then Did Me Up Close and Personal!n/a
MIDE-527Sex During Which Her Nipples Are Constantly Kneadedn/a
MIDE-537Utterly Nasty Young Lady With Thighs Exposed Who Looks So Tempting While Wearing Knee-High Socksn/a
OAE-110Naked Goddessn/a
OAE-111All Nuden/a
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